Friday, December 12, 2008

Wiki - WHAT is it?

If the above YouTube link is blocked in your browser, click here to see the video at

Another short and sweet video from Lee Lefever on wikis, which is a common space that can be edited by several people and therefore promotes collaboration. Wikis can be used for students and for professionals. TechLearning had a great article on how wikis can be used in the classroom, and Ben Wilkoff has a very powerful way to utilize wikis with his students in The Discovery -Ism Project and The Discovery Utopia project. Both are work checking out.
Ben Wilkoff is a perfect example of how we can channel the energy of our digital learners.

Our technology department in our school system uses a wiki to post news, updates, and forums. Since anyone can edit the pages, it makes for a great collaborative tool. In addition, I have used to host resources and information for technology classes that I teach in the county.

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