Saturday, December 13, 2008

Interactive Spelling Practice with

Wow, teachers and parents! Have you seen This is the best free spelling site I have seen in a long time. Basically, the teacher or student can enter a list of spelling words and the site will provide you with interactive practice. First, the site will say the word to you (in a very natural voice, I might add) and you type the word. The site will speak a sentence with the spelling word in correct context as well. Press the button to check your answers and the site corrects your work. If you get one wrong, you have the option of completing extra practice with the word.

Here is what boasts on their website (and well deserved boasting!):

SpellingCity is a fun new educational site that can help children improve their spelling skills:

  • contains over 25,000 words, including plurals, contractions, future and past tenses

  • uses a REAL human voice that says both the word and the word in a sentence

  • a ‘Teach Me’ function that spells out the word using both visual and auditory input to improve retention

  • teachers and parents can enter and save their own spelling lists for their students/children

  • students can play games with their words or any saved lists

  • teachers and parents can save and share their lists.

  • the forum allows teachers and parents to share lists and ideas”

Hands down - this is the best interactive spelling site on the internet that I have seen!

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