Monday, December 15, 2008

Light Doodles: Amazing Site with Connections to Art

I came across a site today called Light Doodles, where an artist (Lori Stotko) uses LCD lights in a dark room to create light pictures. This is possible by setting the camera on an extended shutter speed so that it can capture the movements made by the light. Stuart Nafey is the photographer that documents these pictures. An example of one is below:

Even more amazing is the tutorial page that allows the visitor to see the process that Lori goes through to create a light doodle and how to create light drawing pens. There is a 20 second video that shows Lori at work and is worth checking out.

Art and science teachers can use this site to explain basic concepts. Art teachers can use this to show lines and photography objectives. Science teachers illustrate concepts of light using this site. Check it out, and order some cool notecards with Light Doodles!

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