Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sploggers Beware!

I have noticed over the months that several blogs have copied an entire post from my blog and posted as their own. Whatever happened to blogging courtesy?

1. Don’t copy other people’s posts - including mine!
2. You may link to my post if you find that I have something interesting to say.
3. You may paraphrase a key idea or two, but refer the readers to my blog for the rest of the story.

One blog that I have found to be incredibly helpful on this subject is Jonathan Bailey’s blog entitled Plagiarism Today. He has very detailed entries about sploggers and all of the horrible methods they use to steal your posts. Not only does Jonathan post regularly (sadly, this is a big topic to cover in the digital age), but he also answered a question I sent to him asking his advice. THUMBS UP for this blogger! I highly recommend his site.

Another interesting site is Wordpress Philippines. They have a great post on protecting your blog from sploggers.

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