Monday, December 15, 2008

ReadWriteThink: Comic Creator

ReadWriteThink is a website sponsored by the International Reading Association to provide teachers and students quality resources online. They have several interactive activities online including their comic creator (see above). Students can determine the number of panels they want for their comic and then add characters, text bubbles, and props to create a funny scene. Unfortunately, the only way to view their finished product is to print it out. Also, the comic creator isn’t as sophisticated as other comic sites and is difficult to get rid of items once they are placed on the page. However, this would be a wonderful site to get children interested in writing. Once they print out their comic, they can color it! One of the nice features is that there are lesson plan ideas and resources for teachers to use with these interactive tools. Check out the other interactive sites by ReadWriteThink:

The list below is only a partial one. To see the full list, see the link above.

Character Trading Cards

Flip Book Creator

Flip-a-chip (vocab practice with affixes and roots)

Mystery Cube

Story Map


Venn Diagram

Word Family Sort

Doodle Splash


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