Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interactive Social Studies Websites

Social studies lends itself so easily to online sites! I already mentioned my favorite online history game, The Pyramid Challenge, in a previous post. Any teachers, parents, or students who are interested in social studies for research or interest should definitely check out these sites. First, head over to National Geographic’s site for educators. Even though the ads on the right-hand side of the site can be a bit annoying, it has a a great selection of tools including: current events, lesson plans, maps and photos, and professional development. They have a wonderfully detailed online activity on Jamestown and life in 1607. As you click through Jamestown, you’ll find links to music, recipes, and maps. It gives a small glimpse into what life was like at that time. Clicking under the “maps and photos” section, you’ll find a link to Xpendition Atlas, which has a wide selection of maps in black and white perfect for printing and copying for classroom use.

Just as interesting is National Geographic’s site on environments. There are section to explore such as habitats, natural disasters, global warming, and goiing green. Who wouldn’t want to make lightning strike or unleash an avalanche? I do!

Finally, check out the link to mywonderfulworld, which was created to “give the kids the power of global knowledge”. There are separate sections for teachers, kids, and parents. You can find links to educational travel programs for students or take virtual tours of any continent you wish to visit. Looking for lessons based on the geography standards? Look no further! Do you want to test your global IQ? Here’s your chance.

If you teach social studies or are just fascinated by it, you’ll definitely find these sites worthwhile.

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