Monday, December 29, 2008

Period Table: 2008 Style

Remember the boring periodic table from chemistry class in high school? Now there is a better way to learn about the elements.

The Periodic Table of Videos has an educational video on every element on the table. Click your element and a YouTube video will launch telling you all about it. The nice feature is that if your school system blocks YouTube, you can view the videos on an alternate server.

Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements”

Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements” is a sing along song created in Flash of all of the elements on the Periodic Table. It’s oddly addicting.

The Visual Elements Periodic Table

The Visual Elements Periodic Table displays a real photograph depicting each element. Scrolling over the pictures shows the element name and abbreviation. If you click the element, a separate window appears with basic information about the element.

Interactives: The Periodic Table

Interactives: The Periodic Table takes a unique approach to the periodic table. First, there are a series of tutorials for the student followed by 5 different interactive games to reinforce knowledge: Name that Atom, Building Elements, Which One of These Elements Doesn’t Belong?, Isotopes Quiz, and Ionic Bonding.

In addition, Interactive’s home page contains many interactive games to support learning in science, history, math, language arts, and the arts that are geared for middle and high school students.

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