Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Visual Glossary of Web 2.0

I came across a visual glossary of Web 2.0 options for educators on TechLearning’s site. This is a great reference for people who are trying to figure out what all of the lingo means and how it can be used in the classroom. RSS is on the list no doubt, but for good reason. Real Symple Syndication can be a powerful tool to send information straight to teachers about important dates or changes. Likewise, RSS can be used to send information out of the school to parents and students. I have families that have subscribed our classroom podcast through RSS feeds and love the fact that the information comes to them.

Google Apps is a great alternative to the giant desk calendar that is located in the main staff hallway of every school to house important dates. Google Apps is interactive and allows users to contribute instantly, which can also be used in a meeting situation so that you can take notes.

My Space and Facebook are highlighted as powerful social networking sites that can be used on a school level instead of a personal level. Schools can create pages on these sites that will allow teachers to include their blogs on homework assignments and parents can stay in the loop.

I know of one school that is doing something similar. Peter Connor at Walnut Creek Middle School created a site at Pageflakes for staff and students. There is a School News section, a PTA news section, a Principal’s voice section, and other great ideas. You can subscribe to all of these feeds via RSS so the information can come directly to you. It’s another way to ensure you’re informed about the happenings at your child’s school. Interesting!

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