Friday, December 12, 2008

RSS - What is it?

If YouTube links are blocked, click here to see the video in TeacherTube.

Are you baffled by what RSS is? Here is a very simple 3 minute video from Common Craft that explains the process. If you subscribe to an RSS feed from a blog, podcast, or website, you can see updates of those sites automatically through an aggregator, or RSS reader. It’s like having a newspaper subscription come directly to your computer so you do not have to check all of your sites individually. You check your aggregator site (such as Google Reader, Bloglines, or Pageflakes), and the updates come TO YOU! I use Google Reader to subscribe to my blogs (over 20 of them) and find that it saves me time and energy because I only need to go to one site to read all the updated posts and not 20 of them! I love it.

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