Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun Educational Websites for Kids

There are so many websites, and so little time. How do you find websites worthy to share in your class? First, network! If you find a good site, post it to your account, an online website where you can share your favorite websites with anyone. Here are some of my favorites:

1. While is located out of England, it has several content based games that range from simulations to trivia to drill-and-practice. One of the my favorite game-based simulation is The Pyramid Challenge, where you are playing the role of the head-of-state in charge of building the king’s pyramid. You need to make several decisions: location of the pyramid, what building materials to use, how many workers to employ, and so on. If you make the right decisions, your pyramid is constructed. It’s not as easy as it looks, and you learn many facts along the way. However, BBC has the best games and simulations for middle school and high school that I have seen as of yet.

2. Another site of interest is Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun! The site has several clean, motivational games to help kids learn new vocabulary words. ESL learners can use this site to reinforce new words and practice English in a fun way.

3. Scholastic is well-known for their book orders, but they also have an extensive website of lessons and games for all subject areas and ages. While the games are advertised for Pre-K through 12, I have consistently heard from middle and high school students that the games seem too young for their classes. Check it out and be the judge.

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