Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Classroom Podcasting Adventure

Posted by: amyboehman Originally posted: May 30, 2007
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After attending a podcasting workshop sponsored by MICCA in March of 2007, I was ready to venture into the world of classroom podcasting with my third graders. Luckily, there are not many restrictions placed on teachers in our county to keep us from podcasting in our classroom. I understand this is a huge issue in other counties; and while they may be allowed to podcast, they are not allowed to post it to the Internet.

Before we began podcasting, we listened to example podcasts as inspiration. They were funny, informative, and interesting. My class was excited to begin the project after listening to what other children could do.

First, we brainstormed a possible list of podcast topics and assigned students to their “shows”. I created script paper for the kids to write their lines on and they had to meet with me during the writing process for editing. After a practice session, they recorded their shows into Audacity, where I was able to cut and paste to create the podcast. You can hear their final product at The Mysterious Educated Classroom. The sound effects were taken from The Free Sound Project.
Overall, our podcast was well-received by administration and parents. Families had the option to subscribe to our podcast via RSS feed. The class was extremely motivated during the writing process because they were making an “Internet radio show” and even my reluctant writers were writing independently! It was definitely worth the work. I only wish we had more time to podcast during the school year.

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