Monday, December 29, 2008

Carve a Pumpkin Online

Welcome, Fall! October is here!

To get into the Halloween spirit, why not carve a pumpkin online? There are two sites that I have found that are fun.

The first one located at theoworlds has the most options for your pumpkin. It gives you to option to cut “freeform” or with straight lines only. When you connect the lines of your cut, then the piece automatically falls out of your pumpkin. You can change the background picture, add your own message, print your pumpkin, save it to view later, or send it to your friends in an email. Don’t forget you can turn on and off the spooky background music! As you can see from the picture above, the pumpkin is realistic instead of a cartoon. I like it!

The second pumpkin site is called the “Pumpkin Simulator”. You have a cartoon pumpkin to carve on, and when you are finished, you click, “done”. At that time, a lit candle is added to your pumpkin and spooky music plays. It doesn’t have any of the other options as the first pumpkin site, but it still provides entertainment! Happy Halloween!

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