Friday, January 16, 2009

Egypt Websites for Kids

The Tomb of the Unknown Mummy by National Geographic Kids

The Tomb of the Unknown Mummy is geared more for primary kids than the second site. The user is given 5 lanterns to explore in the tomb. Every time the user finds a sparkle of light, click on it for a clue. By collecting all of the artifacts, the user should be able to conclude who is in the tomb.

Egypt's Golden Empire by PBS

Egypt's Golden Empire by PBS is designed for middle and high school students. The site is based on the corresponding series, which is available on DVD, but there are many sections that are worth exploring such as:

  • A Timeline: explore 500 years of the new kingdom with artifacts, video, and images
  • Virtual Egypt: explore key sites in the new kingdom in 360 degree panoramas
  • A Day in the Life: what was it like to be different members of society at this time? Take a look!
  • A Virtual Library: View primary sources related to the new kingdom


Interactive Social Studies Websites

Fun Educational Websites for Kids

Statetris: Geography Fun

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