Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interactive Dinosaur Websites for Kids

Smithsonian's Virtual Dinosaur Dig is the perfect way to introduce kids to Paleobiology and fossils! Once you launch the game, students begin by unearthing the fossils by chiseling them from the ground. After carefully packaging the bones, they get shipped back to the museum for assembly. Kids put the bones together like a giant puzzle to see what they have found. Then you can read all about your dinosaur! Very cool. Fun, fun!

Discovery Channel's Dinosaur Central has many different interactive dinosaur sections that would be motivating for children. Besides an extensive video clip selection, Discovery also features different areas that let kids explore dinosaurs on their own. For example, there is a place to "explore a dinosaur mummy" where the fossils are on display and the student can zoom into different areas of the skeleton for more information. The "dinosaur viewer" is a definite place to investigate since there are several dinosaurs to choose from to learn about how they looked (3D 360 degree view!), how they moved (animated!), how big they are compared to an average person, and when they lived. There is a Prehistoric Beast Quiz and a Cretaceous Quiz to test your knowledge. Last, check out their dinosaur puzzles!


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