Saturday, January 10, 2009

Text-To-Speech Readers

Special education teachers will be happy to know there are several FREE text-to-speech readers on the Internet that they can use for their students.
The first one is called ReadPlease. It allows you to copy and paste the text into the window, choose a voice, and then sit back and listen. There is a free version as well as paid version, but I have found the free version to be adequate.

The second one is called NaturalReader. This program also has a free and paid version, but it has more flexibility than ReadPlease. The voices in NaturalReader sound more natural as well. You do not need to copy and paste text into a window to use NaturalReader.

The last one is PowerTalk. Be sure to scroll down the page when you click the link to find the download button for PowerTalk. PowerTalk is free, and different from the first two programs because it has the ability to read text from a PowerPoint slide.


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