Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lookybook: Preview Children's Books Before You Buy

Lookybook is a site that allows parents and teachers to preview kids' books before they buy them. Ever wonder about this as you look at books on Granted, Lookybook does not have the same vast quantity of books as Amazon does, but the site is adding more and more books with time. Lookybook also allows you to embed the book into your blog or website so kids can get a feel of the story. Finally, if you like the book, you can click the link to buy it. You can browse Lookybook without a username and password, but if you create an account, you can add books to your "shelf" to flag your favorites. See example below:

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  1. Amy your new blog is so amazing, Edublogs should PAY you to come back. I love your posts--they are just wonderful, useful tidbits of technical goodness. I also love Lookybook too! Of course, I adore widgets and anything embeddable. I think this has great applications for doing picture walks with younger students. Inferring is a skill that many students need when reading. Keep up the rockin' posts!