Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teachers: Be Very Afraid

There are teachers who are resisting technology integration in their classroom because they don't want to change their teaching style and see no need for it. However, there is no denying that today's generation of children are completely different from previous generations. Reluctant teachers do not want to admit this because if they acknowledge that students are different, that means they will have to change they way they teach. This site is for all of those teachers who think they can continue with paper and pencil activities and still reach today's youth. Reluctant Teachers: BE VERY AFRAID. This site is actually called "Be Very Afraid". To summarize the site, I have taken a quote directly from their home page:
  • "Each year a selection of ingenious students - from primary to university age - are invited along to BAFTA in London's Piccadilly to show and talk about the extraordinary things they are doing with new technologies in their learning. During the day the students explain just what it is that they are doing. Each year is more ambitious; each year poses real questions for policymakers and parents as the ambitions of these 21st century learners, together with their ability to deliver on these ambitions, becomes apparent."
While browsing through some of the video clips from the conference, I saw some AMAZING examples of students using technology. A few things that I saw:
  • Students from elementary school through college using technology
  • Special needs students using technology (learning disabled, autistic, and MR)
  • Movie Maker for student made videos
  • Google Sketch Up for building design
  • Cell Phones in education
  • Satellite technology
  • Clay animation
  • Web Design in Flash, Director, Dream Weaver
  • Gaming in education
  • Pocket PCs

And this was just the first page!!

Is there really any argument for not using technology in the classroom? I think not.

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