Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kidspiration 3: New Features

Kidspiration 3, the primary version of Inspiration, will be coming to FCPS as of this fall! Let me sum up some of the new features that will make a good program GREAT!
  • Improved Record Option (so that you an record your voice longer on every textbox, and not just one per page)
  • Easier to add text boxes
  • Improved Teacher Control: on the teacher enabled menu, teachers can lock items into place so that they are not accidentally moved and placed on top of other items.
  • Expanded symbol library of clip art
  • Symbol search: now you can search for clip art by keyword like in Inspiration
  • Word Guide: Look up word for definitions, synonyms, antonyms
  • 5 New Math Tool Views!! (This is my favorite part): Color tiles, base 10 blocks, pattern blocks, fraction tiles, fraction boxes
  • Math Text boxes: write fractions, division, and vertical math notations
  • Step Work Space: allows teachers and students to show steps of a math problem in an easy to ready format
  • Cross-out stamp: allows you to "cross out" items when showing subtraction, division, or regrouping
  • Multiple Page feature: Now you can click through pages easily with up and down arrows, which allow you to open multiple documents in one window at a time
  • More curriculum content, lesson plans, and teacher tools

The best improvement by far is the addition of the math tools. You can easily model equivalent fractions, or multi-step addition and subtraction with regrouping. The base 10 blocks can be color coded to show the top and bottom number of an addition problem. Use the "group" tool to group 10 ones together to make a rod. Use the "break apart" tool to separate rods into ones and flats into rods. No need to use physical manipulatives when you are teaching! Think of how easy it would be to clean this up after math!

I summarized some of these features from Peggy Wood, a Technology Resource Specialist from Cecil County, that I saw speak at MICCA this week. She has resources on her page. Thanks, Peggy, for one of the best sessions that I attended at MICCA!

Mandala Maker Perfect for Math Concepts
Division: Visual Representations Online
Online Math Manipulatives and Activities
Math Help Step-by-Step
Kids and Cookies
Base 10 Block Games


  1. Amy,
    We are happy to know that you are enjoying your experience with Kidspiration!

    If you are looking for new Kidspiration ideas, lesson plans or examples, please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our website.

    You may be interested to know that we have several complimentary professional development Kidspiration webcasts that are archived and available for viewing at: We also have an upcoming Kidspiration webcast on May 14 - Keep Your Students Learning Till the Final Bell with Kidspiration 3 -

    Thank you again!
    Molly O'Hara
    Inspiration Software

  2. Hi Molly,

    Thank you for your comments and wonderful information on the webinars! I'll will definitely keep my eye out for these as well as the archives. Thanks again!